Staff Directory

8th Grade Special Education Teacher 651-425-6740
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher 651-425-6739 Website
6th Grade Math Teacher 651-425-6772 Website
Licensed School Counselor        Supporting 7th-class of 2022 & 6th-class of 2023, M-Z 651-425-6810
Band Teacher 651-425-6720 Website
School Nurse 651-425-6812
Principal 651-425-6802
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher 651-425-6702 Website
7th Grade Spanish Teacher 651-425-6747 Website
ELL Teacher 651-425-6752 Website
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher 651-425-6735 Website
6th Grade Math Teacher 651-425-6766 Website
Spanish Immersion Teacher 651-425-6743
Counseling Admin. Assistant 651-425-6807
6th Grade Special Education Teacher 651-425-6775
7th Grade Math Teacher 651-425-6701 Website
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher 651-425-6704 Website
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher 651-425-6773 Website
Assistant Principal All 8th, A-L 6th 651-425-6805
Media Clerk 651-425-6785